Wider determinants of health

Our Bodies, Our Rights: Identifying and Removing Barriers to Disabled Women's Reproductive Rights in Scotland


This research explores the reproductive health of women with learning disabilities in Scotland and how this impacts on wellbeing, experiences of sexual and maternal health and pregnancy.  Read about this qualitative research and our findings here.

Hate Crime


People with learning disabilities are between two and four times more likely to experience hate crime, targeted violence and harassment than other disabled people and even more likely to be subject to violence and targeted harassment than the general population.  Read about our research and findings here.

How transition to adulthood affects health and wellbeing in young people with learning disabilties


We investigated if transition to adulthood was a risk period for poor health in people with intellectual disabilities.  As we could find no synthesis of evidence on health and wellbeing outcomes during transition in this population, this review aimed to answer this question.  Read about our findings here.

The impact of transition on health and wellbeing in young people with learning disabilities: Qualitative study


Transition from school may be a period of vulnerability for young people with learning disabilities. Within the literature poor outcomes across employment, independent living and social domains are documented. This study aimed to gain insights into the transition experiences of young people with learning disabilities through semi-structured interviews with young people and their parents.  Read about our research and findings here.

Health of young people with learning disabilities during transition to adulthood


This project aimed to investigate general health status in young people with intellectual disabilities with and without Down syndrome over the transitional period, and quantify the extent to which personal characteristics, parental relationships and household income are associated with general health status.  Read more about this research here.