Social Inclusion

Supporting friendships during the transition from school

The transition from secondary school can be challenging for many young people with learning disabilities. Previous research indicates that friendships can be difficult to maintain during this phase of transition, with some young people reporting feeling increasingly socially isolated. This project aims to work in collaboration with people with learning disabilities, family carers and teachers to co-design an intervention to support young people with learning disabilities in developing and sustaining friendships during their transition from secondary school. Find out more about this work. 

Drumming Up Change (Building, Belonging): bringing young people and people with learning disabilities together through community activities in Drumchapel

The overarching aim of Drumming up Change is to promote relationships between people with learning disabilities and young people attending local secondary schools in Drumchapel. There are two strands to the project. Firstly, the delivery of the project, which is funded to facilitate a programme of activities in Drumchapel co-produced by people with learning disabilities and young people in the area. The second strand is a research evaluation of the process of the delivery of project, including participants’ experiences of their involvement. Read more about this project here.

Talking about learning disability (Talk-LD): a school based intervention to prevent bullying and promote understanding about people with learning disabilities (Talk-LD)

Young people with learning disabilities are significantly more vulnerable to bullying than their peers. A series of five lessons were developed to be delivered as part of the Scottish School curriculum, to promote young people’s understanding and empathy towards people with learning disabilities. This study examined the feasibility of carrying out a randomised control trial (RCT) comparing the delivery of the lessons alone with the lessons plus an attempt to promote positive contact between participating students and people with learning disabilities. Read about this project here.